How Do You Know If A Partner Is Cheating? Here Are 10 Common Ways To Find Out

How Do You Know If A Partner Is Cheating? Here Are 10 Common Ways To Find Out

How Do You Know If A Partner Is Cheating? Here Are 10 Common Ways To Find Out

How Do You Know If A Partner Is Cheating? Here Are 10 Common Ways To Find Out

How Do You Know If Partner Is Cheating?: Here are ten (10) common ways to know if your partner (male or female) is cheating or not.

It baffles me when some persons still say they don’t know when their respective partners are cheating on them or not; that shows the person been cheated on ain’t really in touch with his/her partner.

You know, infidelity is a violation of a couple’s or partners’ assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity; and cheating is an act of infidelity.

When my first girlfriend stated cheating on my through an act of double dating; I (The Inspirational Parrot) noticed that way too early before I eventually let her know that I was aware although I was playing along to be sure that my findings were right and not mere assumptions.

So, if you really love someone and you are really in touch with the person, there are common ways to know if something is fishy. You are not to see all of these ten (10) simple ways at the same time before you should know that someone is cheating on you.

Also, you are not allowed to conclude that your partner is cheating on you just on noticing any of these common ways. You need to calm down, be diplomatic, try to observe him/her as some other factors may result to any of these common ways mentioned in this article.

Okay, I think that I have said enough of what you need to know before you read these 10 simple/common ways to know if your partner is cheating on you.

1. Excessive, abnormal or unusual frequent call, care and affection once in a while when he/she needs your help.

2. He/she hides phone, Facebook and WhatsApp chats from you. They are always scared and worried to share Facebook and phone passwords with you. Clear chats histories often.

3. He/She tells Lies easily and often.

4. He/She won’t be interested in sex if married. Remember sex and romance are strictly for the married.

5. He/She can go days, weeks and months without calling, chatting or visiting you when you are still in a relationship.

6. She/HeĀ  would prefer close friendship with opposite sex.

7. He/She would complain of not having feelings for you anymore and clamor for break up.

8. The relationship will be one sided. You will be the only one initiating chats, calls text and discussions. He or she claims the relationship is boring.

9. He/she would claim she’s/he’s too busy to have your time.

10. He/She will never be free to post your picture to celebrate you or show you off in and outside social media. He or she can never be bold to call you pet names to avoid those he’s or she’s cheating with from seeing or knowing.

Please, I really need you to be very careful on noticing any of the above mentioned traits before you conclude that your partner is cheating on you.

The truth is that there are still cases where the above common features are noticed in persons and the reason(s) is/are not cheating.

Therefore, you need to monitor the person on a long period of time before you infer that cheating is taking place.

I am pretty sure you have learnt something from this article; and do not hesitate to use the comment section below to share your opinion(s). Feel free to add more ways or to counter of the ways listed in this article.

I remain your humbly inspiring friend, The Inspirational Parrot. It’s substantial to let you know that part of this article is extracted from a piece written by Ike, Progress Amarachukwu (aka Angel Euriel).

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