How A Babalawo Scammed A Yahoo Boy Who Wants To Do Rituals

Babalawo Scammed A Yahoo Boy

Babalawo Scammed A Yahoo Boy

Babalawo Scammed A Yahoo Boy

Babalawo Scammed A Yahoo Boy: In this post you will discover what a Babalawo did to a yahoo guy who came to him for rituals. Don’t be in a hurry to leave this platform.

Okay guys, The Inspirational Parrot welcomes you into a brand new year; I have an interesting gist for you guys and we will be talking about how a yahoo boy who came to his place to do rituals.

The gist goes as below:

The Girl Wey Yahoo Boy Carry Go Give Babalawo To Use Do Ritual For Him; Baba Don Fall In Love With Her ooo; Is God Not Wonderful? They Are Planning To Get Married Soonest. 😝🤣😂😆

Babalawo & A Yahoo Boy

Babalawo Scammed A Yahoo Boy

Please do not take it so serious, it’s only but a joke, and this 2022 I am prepared to make you happy with loads of funny contents, always check back this platform or any of my social media platforms for interesting contents on daily basis.

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3. I wish MTN would be like dear customer your boyfriend is about to fall in love with another lady dial *763# to send thunder. 😂🤣

4. I made a poem for my crush, she appreciated my talent and asked me to make a poem for her boyfriend. 🙆‍♂️🥺


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