“This Thing Called Time” By Prosper O. Nwachukwu

This Thing Called Time By Prosper O. Nwachukwu

This Thing Called Time By Prosper O. Nwachukwu

This Thing Called Time By Prosper O. Nwachukwu

This Thing Called Time By Prosper O. Nwachukwu: There are a few concepts in life which still remain a conundrum even to the most erudite of professors.

One of such, which is just a puzzle to me most of the time, is the concept of “Time”.

When asked what time is, a scholar aloof and outfitted with the many books he had processed may step out in vain confidence and declare with grand oratory, that it is just a phenomenon that describes the passing of present events into the past; and the future events into the present. This he may say care freely without interlacing his mind with his thought provoking speech. How useless knowledge has become.

Don’t be on the outlook for my own definition though. I didn’t pick up my pen to define time but to rather lash at it. This thing called time, sometimes I wonder whether it is real or not…

The other day, I just said let me do a little arithmetic and guess what? I was freaked out when I saw my age starring me in the face. Also just recently, I fell into a young boy I had taught in elementary school (Basic 5 and 6) and I happened to ask him his present class, supposing he was still in the secondary school, only for the boy to stare at me like someone who was wearing the back of his shirt. “I have written my senior WAEC”, he finally responded, leaving me to ponder at the rate at which time flies.

This thing called time, l have finally understood why they say it is nobody’s friend. When you seem to be bored and having a very dull moment, and then woe betide you if you happen to be looking at a wall clock right in front of you. In five hours, the minute hand would have traveled only a five minutes distance! You know what I’m talking about.

But assuming you’re enjoying your moment; watching your favorite TV show, having a gist with a loved one, or having a very memorable night sleep, the reverse would
be the case.

The worst experience I had with ‘time’ was during my exam periods back in school. I would settle down to do the final brushing on my coursework, and of course memorize some stuffs in the name of biochemical structures, all in preparation for the next day’s exam. Looking at my time, I would be happy I had about 8 hours to cover up things.

And that night, I would vow not to sleep till I’ve done justice to the bundle of handouts frowning at me. But you know what, ten (10) minutes by my mental calculation, I’d glance at my time and to my dismay, one (1) full hour was gone! It would seem as if time had formed a gang up with my village people. And when sleep finally overpowered me, I’d just lean on my desk for a little dose. Suddenly I’d raise my head up and check by my time, it was already morning! …nothing could
be more frustrating.

Nonetheless, in my hustles and bustles with time within these little years I’ve walked planet earth, I’ve come to realize something intricate about this thing called time. I have found out that it is a thing of the mind.

No matter how lengthy or short it may seem, its worth and value is totally dependent on how we view it through the mind lens. There’s nothing as powerful as the mind, not even time.

No wonder a man’s fate in life would be determined by his state of mind and not by how long he had lived. This also explains why a man with the right mindset could achieve in days what a man with the wrong mindset may not be able to achieve in his entire life.

With regards to the issue of time, three kinds of people exist. The first are the gullible ones who sit down and watch time pass them by. These ones have no focus in life. They believe in the notorious Igbo comment, “Ife chi fotelu” (which means whatever the day brings…). It only dawns on them how wasted their lives had become in their old age. Funny enough, some don’t even realize till they exit planet earth. These ones are better referred to as byproducts of creation – a total waste to the cosmos.

The second group are those that pass by along with time. These are the average ones. Many ‘good’ and ‘hardworking’ people fall into this category. They try to meet up with time but the more they try, the more time tries to outrun them. The consequence is that they spend all their entire existence trying to ‘meet up’. At the end, there is no spectacular achievement whatsoever. But at least they were hardworking and that becomes there commiseration.

The third group are those that pass time by! These are the smart and crazy ones. They are very good at two things – planning and execution. By virtue of their careful planning and goal setting; they no more work for their daily bread. They only work to set the future in place even before they entire it.

Having so said, when next you see a clock ticking, ask yourself; is it ticking against me, for me, or behind me. If it’s ticking against you wake up; if for you, buckle up, and if behind you, thumbs up and keep it up!

Know this: whatever time is, it is the most expensive currency that even the poor can afford. Trade yours wisely.

Written By: Prosper O. Nwachukwu
Instagram: @penpreacher

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